Reto Schmucki (PhD)

Community Ecologist
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (NERC CEH)
Wallingford, UK


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Species range expansion constrains the ecological niches of resident butterflies

In this paper, we shows how change in community composition resulting from species range shift could affect species-habitat relationships and habitat partitioning through indirect biotic interactions.

Audusseau H., Le Vaillant M., Janz N., Nylin S., Karlsson B., Schmucki R.
A regionally informed abundance index for supporting integrative analyses across butterfly monitoring schemes

We show that by optimizing the use of information contained in BMS data, the regional GAM method provide a robust method that enables integrative analyses across sites with high and low- intensity visits, reducing estimation errors and biases and thereby improving our ability to assess species status and trends and support better conservation policy and decision making from local to continental scales. See the companion RegionalGAM R-package.

Schmucki, R., Pe’er, G., Roy, D. B., Stefanescu, C.A.M., Van Swaay, Oliver, T. H., Kuussaari, M., Van Strien, A. J., Ries, L., Settele, J., Musche, M., Carnicer, J., Schweiger, O., Brereton, T. M., Harpke, A., Heliölä, J., Kühn, E., Julliard, R.

Using citizen science based data, we show how landscape features and habitat quality impact butterfly abundance in residential garden and select for specific traits related to their mobility and habitat preference.

Olivier T., Schmucki R., Fontaine B., Villemey A., Archaux F.